Your Business Needs a Better Phone System

  • Innovative cloud-based office phone system.
  • Utilize High Quality VoIP Calling Services
  • Add Messaging & Tools to Your Office Lines
  • Track, Record & Audit Business Activity
  • Perfect for Call Centers or Offices of any size.
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Platform Benefits

Upgrade & Improve

Streamline your communication with our cloud-based office phone system. Say goodbye to traditional phone systems with limited features. Try a modern solution that adapts to your business needs.

Powerful & Productive

With our solution, you can easily manage your calls from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're in the office, working from home, or on-the-go, our cloud-based system allows you to stay connected to your customers and colleagues.

Fresh Features

Our user-friendly interface and advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, call reporting, and automatic call distribution, ensure that your calls are handled efficiently and effectively.

Smart & Simple

No more hassle with hardware installation and maintenance, as our system is based on the cloud, which means all you need is an internet connection to start using it. You can scale your business effortlessly and save on hardware costs as well.

Quality & Oversight

Empower your business with our advanced office phone system and keep an eye on employee activities for better productivity and accountability with our cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface.

Monitoring & Performance

Finally a telephone system that gives enterprise level functionality to businesses of all sizes. Perfect for Call Centers, Customer Service operations, Offices or Businesses or any size. Get your custom phone number today!

Business Texting Solution

Transform your marketing, sales, customer service, and HR communication by harnessing the power of a single tool that truly delivers SMS, redefining the way you connect and engage with your audience.

  • Easily add contacts & create groups for targeting.
  • Send reminders, promos, alerts, & notifications within seconds.
  • Easily track campaign performance & optimize messages.

Take Your Office With You

No other HR, CRM or Employee collaboration tool lets you track in real-time.

Get Text Messages on Your Office Line

Stay connected with your field and off-site employees using our advanced mobile app calling and messaging features. Our platform enables you to effortlessly communicate with your workforce, with real-time updates and notifications, you can effectively manage your remote teams, improve efficiency, and ensure timely project completion.

Powerful Tools on The Go

The Operrtel App is a business phone service app that enables complete mobility for Operrtel customers. Stay connected when you're away from your office phone, or replace your desk phone altogether when you utilize voice, instant messaging, and presence services from your mobile device. It's like carrying your office in the palm of your hand.

Only $30/mo

Your business needs a better phone system. Our services start at only $30 per month for each line. Perfect for Call Centers, Customer Service operations, Offices or Businesses or any size.

Get All These Features & More

Auto Attendants - Set up a touchtone menu for your callers. For example, press 1 for the Sales, 2 for Support, etc.
Groups - Add similar users together, such as Billing, and ring them all simultaneously from a menu option or extension.
Queues - Automatically distribute calls to your sales or support representatives and provide a waiting room for overflow callers.
911 - Grants users access to 911 services by defining a physical location for each user.
Porting - Allows porting existing number on to Operrtel, seamless transfer of call and handling.
Custom Numbers - OperrTel has numbers available for purchase from many different area codes.
Voicemail-to-Email - Allow callers to record messages when you're away and have those messages sent to your email as an audio file, or listen to them in our app.
Hold Music - Standard Music on Hold includes 3 genres. Upgrading to Enhanced unlocks Internet radio streams and uploaded audio files.
HD Voice Conference - Host an audio call for up to 15 simultaneous callers at an extension of your choosing.
Call Blocking - You can specify phone numbers that you do not want to receive calls from. OperrTel will automatically block any incoming calls from them!
Call Parking / Pickup - Allow one user to put a call on hold from one device and another user to continue the conversation from any other device.
Personal Ring Strategy - A user can set how long his/her ring time is and where to send a call if it's not answered (to a voicemail box, an external phone number, or any other destination in the OperrTel).
International Dialing - Dial international phone numbers from your OperrTel account.
Announcements - Play a recorded message to your callers when they reach a menu or enter into a queue.
Scheduling - Set up your company’s standard business hours free of charge using business hour rules.
HD Voice Calling - it's an expanded frequency range of audio signals, resulting in higher sound quality in phone calls.
Call Recording - Automatically enables recordings of calls.
Text Messaging - Allows user to use same phone number for texting, sms MMS, inbound and outbound.
E-Fax - Email to Fax feature allows user to receive fax on email and send fax from email as well.
Fax Machine - Conventional fax machine can be configured on fax line to work seamlessly.
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