Improves Quality & Speed of Service

Professionalize your business phone lines with an enterprise level phone system solution from OperrTel. The best-priced, most powerful & customizable digital telephone system for businesses of any size.

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Integrates with Most Existing Office Phone Systems

The OperrTel office phone system is built to work around your existing telephone infrastructure. It does not require any new and specialized networking or telecommunications equipment. All the calling features are digital giving the business using it full control over their phone operations.

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Primary Phone System Features

OPERR Tel makes it easy for any size business to set up a high-throughput, professional phone system that can hadle a high load of telephone calls on an unlimited amount of phone lines.

Cloud-Based Dashboard

No special software or complex network infrastructure is required. Everything is managed from an easily accessible dashboard available online 24/7

Best Priced Services

Our telephone system was designed from the start to deliver enterprise level calling and phone system features for lowest possible cost to our clients.

Fully Customizable

OperrTel enables businesses to customize any amount of phone number extensions, along with professional multi-level, touch-tone menus.

Monitors Call Activity

OperrTel can be used to monitor business operations in customer service or support areas. Record, store and search service calls securely.

Boosts Efficiency

The system improves quality and speed of service using automation and caller indentifying algorhithms which identify, filter and route calls automatically.

Smart & Flexible

Easy to set up and use from just about anywhere. OperrTel's accessories allow you to take your business lines with you anywhere when traveling.

Integrated Web-Dialer

The web dialer is a compact yet powerful tool to manage calls, store and search contacts and browse call records.

About the Dialer

Our Web-Dialer module is very easy to use. The first step is to login to our OperrTel online portal from your PC, laptop or tablet. Once logged in, the system will guide you through the registration process for your allocated numbers and extensions. Once connected you may begin calling the numbers on the list simply by clicking on them. Help is available from support at any time.

About the Web-Dialer

The OperrTel web-dialer is a modular component used on top an existing platform such as the OPERR dispatching to control and manage incoming calls and lines.

All Basic Features

The web-dialer module includes call forwarding, call transfer, call history, enhanced contact management, voice, voicemail and others.

Number Recognition

The module automatically recoginizes incoming callers by cross-referencing caller meta-data against orders and client information within the database.

OPERR Integration

The module works with your current Operr Dispatching portal and provides incoming caller information, history, trip logs, reminders, alerts and more.

WebRTC Base Design

The integrated web-dialer's core design and sip engine is based on the powerful yet flexible WebRTC architecture for smooth operation.

Security & Encryption

All your call information is safe and secure in our system which utilizes SSL security combined with the latest encryption technologies.

Conference Calling

The system enables to merge multiple calls from and to several dialer modules at the same time seamlessly and easily improving speed of service.

System Accessories

The OperrTel digital telephone system comes complete with accessories for businesses on the go. Easy to move and operate your lines from anywhere you go.

Portable Phone Hub

This module can be easily configured to take your phone lines with you when traveling anywhere in the world. With the use of an internet connection, your business lines are always with you.

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International Calling Cards

This module can be easily configured to take your phone lines with you when traveling anywhere in the world. With the use of an internet connection, your business lines are always with you.

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